Polishing vanities, Fountains,  Sinks, Counters.

Floors maintenance Stairways and Railings.

Clean Inside and Outside of Elevator.

Spot-Clean Refrigerators.

Dust and Clean Desks, Chairs Bookcases, Etc.

Wash Glass Doors Partition Glass and inside windows

Vacuum Upholstered office Furniture

Dust Light Fixtures Mini-Blinds and Ceiling Vents

Steam and Shampoo All Traffic Areas where applicable

Regular Restroom Cleaning Services

Clean, refill and Disinfect All Dispensers and vending machines & coffee makers.

Empty Wastepaper and Sanitary Napkin Containers

Refill Soap, Paper Towel, Toilet Tissue, and

Seat-Cover Dispensers where applicable.

Please contact us for your particular needs.

periodical Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning #top Restaurant, Pub, Kitchen and food-processing   Cleaning & sanitizing incl. equipment Service Area

Restaurant Cleaning & Pub Cleaning

Ontario “Excellent Cleaners” are cleaning experts especially for hospitality industry, restaurants, pubs, community centres and food processing companies. “Excellent Cleaners” knows that a lot of skills are needed to own and run a successful restaurant or pub. Customers have a lot of choices when they go out to eat or celebrate an event. Food preparation places are one of the absolute last places where unclean is acceptable, make sure you have a CLEAN reputation. Most of the restaurant's staff members are part-time workers and needed in preparing and serving food. They are not trained to do cleaning after work. At busy places, many people are coming in and out of the dining room or bar and washrooms with many different attitudes towards keeping things clean. As restaurant cleaning specialists we know that it can get smudgy. We as experts will make your establishment attractive and super clean. We disinfect all the washrooms and hallways including entrance doors. We only use CFIA approved cleaning products. We know-how and the requirements for professional cleaning restaurant kitchens, we use only top quality cleaning products and tools for detail sanitizing and deep-clean of kitchen equipment.


Commercial Building Cleaning &  Sanitation

Employees love to be in a totally clean hygienic and pleasant workplace, building or office. The important factors to accomplice a good work environment is when things are organized, running smoothly, and smell fresh. If that sounds like magic to you then Excellent Cleaners are magicians. We will help you get the appropriate cleaning, sanitizing products, and chemicals. Today cleaning is a professional job, when you get a cleaning crew go with a team who gets it done every time to the details with a satisfaction guarantee. We are the awesome cleaners or call us your budget cleaning crew. We always are in for the long run, so you never have to hire another company.

There are some important reasons our clients are staying with our service. We guarantee dependability and persistency, we listen and follow your instructions with courtesy every time.

What sets Excellent Cleaners apart is the experienced team with the skills necessary to fulfill all requirements to keep the place safe, we spot leaky taps, a toilet paper shortage, sticky door, and washroom handles, We are always paying attention to what need to be done and when. Whether you need office cleaning, industrial cleaning, total building cleaning, or any other type of building cleaning. We have the resources needed to get the job done, including our team of vetted, trained, and expert cleaners, dedicated to giving our clients the amazing results they want and deserve. Our quality is consistent, and you never have to settle for anything less. A positive attitude combined with top notch state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, products and tools, add extra value to our service. It is  the combination it takes to perform a truly impressive cleaning job for any building.
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